About Karen


My Background

Looking back, my itch to shake things up happened following a business trip to India in 2011.  Taken by surprise, I was touched by the warmth of the people I met and noticed their generosity of spirit was neither forced nor done out of a need to impress; I was simply made to feel welcome. 


I had been in business for more than 25 years and although it had been a great teacher, the visit left me feeling that I needed to learn more and do more.

Still working, I decided to return to study and found a part time programme at the world-renowned Henley Business School.  Trusting that it would lead to my ‘what’s next’, I enrolled on the MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change.

My first Executive coaching opportunity came mid-programme with the Business School, followed by an invitation to do some team coaching with a large consulting firm. Knowing there’s never a right time and excited by the opportunity, I didn’t hesitate, leaving my job to set up Future Perfect, my coaching practice. 

Current Consulting Experience

Several years on, my work is now a mix of business, lifestyle and health coaching and continues to evolve as I spend time with leaders, teams and private individuals from all walks of life. As I continue to learn and reflect I see recurring themes that became the catalyst for In The Making and so it felt like a very natural programme to create. 


I also believe we’re all ‘in progress’ and sometimes we just get a hunch to do something different, but get stuck getting started.  Experience tells me that we’re far more likely to do something with the encouragement and support of others – a very human thing to do - and so the idea of bringing small groups of men and women together to start exploring their ‘what’s next’ sealed it.

The Making of In The Making  

The 6 retreat days are at the heart of the programme, however the wider experience will come from what the group creates together in a year that promises to be full of discovery and accomplishment, irrespective of age, gender or profession. There will be opportunities to work solo, in pairs and as a group on each of the retreat days, including time for one-to-one coaching with me.   

My Qualifications, Training and Experience 

For those of you who are interested in my qualifications, training and experience, here’s a snapshot:


I have an MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change with Henley Business School (2015) and have been a regular Coach on the school’s Executive MBA programme (since 2013), this year I have tutored and coached on The Henley Leadership Programme. Clients include leaders from Europe, the US and Asia, and from a range of sectors and disciplines.

I am a member of APECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision) and keep my practice relevant and ethical through regular professional coaching supervision and professional development with specialists in my field. 


Privately, following a lifelong struggle with my own weight, I trained as a weight loss and weight management consultant with Slimming World and run a local group close to home in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.  I also offer this service privately.


Prior to this, I spent 25 years in business, with experience in retail, outsourcing/offshoring and professional services.

My coaching practice

Future Perfect, trades as a limited company with £10m public and products liability, and £2m professional indemnity and malpractice insurance.

My Business Clients

Business clients include: 

  • The Lucinda Ellery Hair loss Consultancy

  • Henley Business School

  • Ernst & Young

  • Other business client references are available on request.